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In the past few years, design is not considered in creating software. People do not care about the design or colors of its features as long as it functions well and allows them to access the services or products or deliver messages. However, as our technology innovates, customers begin to choose websites or applications with good designs.
In an experiment by two software developers, they created a software with the same function. However, the other brand uses an unattractive design while the other has a beautiful one. The unattractive website didn't get much traffic while the other has an increasing one. Why would it be? Do they have the same functions? Yes, they do.
In customers' view, they feel comfortable, attached, and even overlook disruption and patiently wait for it to be resolved w on the software with beautiful designs. In contrast, customers on the other website were frustrated and annoyed.
A good design encourages and gives customers positive vibes and a sense of inclusivity towards the company. The designs represent your organization or company, and you must consider investing in design to satisfy your customers.
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