Reasons Why Digital Marketing is important for Business
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Digital marketing is the way of promoting their products and services or Brands online using

internet facilities on different devices such as Mobiles, Laptops, iPads, Tablets etc. It includes

text messaging, video, apps, digital television and radio channels etc. Digital marketing uses

multiple channels and technologies which help the organization to analyze campaigns, content

and strategy to understand what’s working and what’s not working- In real time. It has many

channels that help the organizations to increase their visibility of brands online or socially.

Major channels of digital marketing are- Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine

marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Mobile

marketing, Affiliate marketing etc.

Reasons why digital marketing is necessary for your business

Brand awareness

The main objective of using a digital marketing strategy is to reach out to your customers very

easily and quickly. Providing sufficient information about the products or services and

leaving the Brand impression to their mind. This could be done via social media platform

such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Through Digital

communications it creates a multi-communication channel where information can be

quickly shared around the world by anyone without any regard to who they are.

Competitive Advantage

Through the digital marketing strategy, One can promote their business online but keeping in

mind that there are lot more competitors are available in market. So to have an unique

identity in market, One needs to do some creativity with their products and services. Try

to reach out to maximum number of customers. Nowadays, Customers before moving

out to market, they wanted to check the things online so that they could decide exactly

what they want. Everyone is using mobile phones in their hand with internet facility. The

most important things for a business are to show their presence in market with better

reviews and customers services as well.

Strategies and planning

This is one of the most important parts of any businesses where planning and strategy plays a

very important role to grow their business smoothly and effectively. In this section the

company must review that what they are offering to the customers and how they will


communicate to them using online techniques. The company must clearly mention their

brand name as well to increase the visibility in market day by day. Showing contents

must be engaging so the customers will engage which helps the company to increase

the revenue. Contents must include who you are, what you are offering, how it is better

from others and pricing details as well. One thing should keep in mind that your

business is going to be live 24 hours online so there is no chance of any mistakes.

Understand the market first.

Before starting any business it is highly recommended that first understand the market, explore

in depth and find out the need of the customers and how you could approach them very

easily. Today’s generation have shortage of time so they want everything to their

doorstep. Don’t rush to jump to the conclusion. Spend more time in market, talk to

everyone, and find out exactly what they need, and make them confortable for their

requirements. The more time you spend in market the more benefits you will get in



Summary: From above context, it is clearly set in mind that digital marketing strategy is the key

to success for any business. Yes, it is different from traditional marketing but it’s quite effective.

The difference between them is that in traditional business one need to promote their business

orally or we can say it’s a word of mouth promotion, But in digital marketing promotion it is

been done online through social media platform to reach out to the targeted customer’s and

make they aware for your presence in market which enhances your brand value in coming

future. Today’s world is going digitally day by day as they have mobile phones with internet

facility so somehow it is helping the business to increase their sales and make more revenues.

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