Introduction Social media optimization (SMO)
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Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the creation of online content that is likely to be shared

through social networks. Social media optimization is more art than science, as it can be difficult to

come up with a consistent formula for creating shareable content. That said, social media

optimization is gaining importance as social sharing is increasingly being integrated into search



Speaking in wide terms, social media optimization haves two basic steps: the creation of shareable

content and the addition of social sharing tools to make it easy, in practice, for users to

share.Successful sites have found that the title of a piece of content is an important key to getting a

user to commit to viewing it. Following that, the strength of the first paragraph affects how much is

read by these users. Getting a user to share a piece of content, however, depends on the quality of

the piece – and this can often trump a weak title or misleading first paragraph. Finding the right

balance of effort between attention getting headlines and interesting information is just one of the

challenges of social media optimization.


SMO has also become very important element of viral marketing. Before the explosion of social

media sites in the mid-2000s, viral marketing was often conducted on specific landing pages or

through email, with the occasional company having the smart idea to use early popular social media

sites like MySpace.


Social media has forever changed the way companies market to their customers, and has forged

opportunities for brands to build stronger and more personal relationships with them. Over the next

few weeks, we will discuss some of the best ways for today’s brands to increase their social media

visibility and engagement to help drive more sales through SMO.


During the early parts of this decade, social media, which had already achieved widespread

popularity among young people in various forms in the 2000s, became a hub of activity and

conversation for people of all ages. No longer was it only young people and tech-savvy adults who

populated these sites — people of all ages were enjoying using them, which made them attractive

for marketers, as well.


With more and more marketers becoming wise to the changing ways the younger demographic was

consuming media, it has become clear that brands would have to become smarter with the ways

they used social media to create business. The result was a new field of marketing called social

media optimization.

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